Monday, May 25, 2009

Rating the Finales

Well, my TV watching is over for the summer. Here is a quick review of all the finales I have watched in the last few weeks.

America's Next Top Model-What an entirely boring season. I couldn't even remember most of the girl's names. I thought Allison should have won. I usually don't agree with the winner. 1 out of 5 chicks.

Biggest Loser-Woo-hoo! Way to go, Helen! Funny, I had been identifying with Tara all season (well she is from Long Island!), but Helen's only a little older than me. I did, however, read that Helen is now considered underweight. Ya just can't win! 5 out of 5 chicks.

American Idol-another yawn for me. I liked Danny and Allison. 2 out of 5 chicks.

Dancing with the Stars-Woo-hoo, again! That cute little Shawn Johnson was my choice, too. 5 out of 5 chicks

Grey's Anatomy-snooze. Don't care if George and/or Izzie die. 1 out of 5 chicks.

I'm watching this new show called "Obsessed." It's probably not the best idea for me, since I have had many periods of OCD throughout my life. I have done the compulsive handwashing, compulsive lock checking, compulsive clock checking (making sure the alarm is set for the correct time, that it's on a.m. and not p.m., that the radio station is not fading, and that the volume is high enough, but not too high, just high enough to wake me up, but not high enough to give me a heart get the idea). I don't need any more ideas put in my head.

I went to work today even though I had the day off because I wanted to try to get ahead, but I don't really feel like I got much accomplished. There is too much work and not enough time.

Josh update: He went to the vet on Saturday for a follow-up, and while we were there one of his nails fell off, then the vet pulled off another one that was hanging. She shaved his feet so we could put saline on his toes. He is, shall we say, uncooperative. He's supposed to still have the funnel on his head but we are leaving it off because he doesn't seem to be licking. Heidi is so happy...she can get to his ears now!


jo said...

Well, glad pup doesn't have to wear the funnel.

I didn't watch any of the shows you I can't comment.

I watch Bravo's reality TV mostly.

Enjoy your week.Hope you're able to catch up on your work.

Laura said...

Don't watch any of those shows, but LOVE the purple chick!

I'm glad the EC is history. Sunny would never wear his. I finally used it as a hat at a Halloween Party.