Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I don't understand how, when it's just me and my mother, Christmas still ends up being so busy. Today at work we finished the boxes for the staff and started handing them out. The consumers performed their Christmas pageant, which was adorable...wish I was allowed to post pictures! We had a cookie exchange (I don't wanna talk about it :-p). We had a special holiday lunch prepared by the dietary staff. Somewhere in there I did a bit of work, flew out the door at 4, came home and got my mother because she wanted me to take her Christmas shopping (for me). We also finally delivered our donations to the animal shelter, visited the kitties and the dogs, and saw the cutest puppy (which we are NOT getting). Then we went to a couple of stores. I had to get a last minute gift for my boss, since what I ordered STILL didn't come, so I ran into my favorite little gift shop, only to find they are closing. I did find a nice gift, but I am bummed they are closing since they were my go-to place when I was looking for a unique gift. Then we had to go food shopping. I really should run to Walmart tomorrow, because I forgot something I wanted to get my mother, but I'm not sure I can face Walmart on Christmas Eve.

Anyway, I hope this works. I want to put one of my favorite Christmas songs on here.

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Laura said...

Have a lovely holiday!