Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funnel-headed Dog

Took Josh to the vet yesterday because he's been limping for a couple of days. He cried once when he was "playing" with Heidi, so we thought maybe she had hurt him when jumping on him. Turns out he has an infected toe. Actually he has TWO infected toes. It turns out this is common in German Shepherds. They get some weird toe fungal infection. Yuk! So since his licking the foot constantly has made it worse he has an Elizabethan collar on. He does. not. like. it. Heidi has this habit of licking his ears (the vet said his ears were really clean! LOL). When we got home she ran up to him and started licking the plastic. She couldn't figure out why she couldn't get to his ears.

Someone at work asked me if I was losing weight. I don't know...haven't weighed myself. My eating has been considerably better, so it is a possibility. But I am not going to jinx myself by getting on the scale (yes, I have a scale phobia). Yesterday at work I had to do an environmental walk-through. It took over an hour and a half (actually I had to leave before it was over to take Josh to the vet). Everything hurt! My knees, ankles, back. I still haven't started exercising, that has to be my next step. I know that when I exercise it really helps my back and knees, so why do I hesitate? I think maybe it's the commitment. Once I start I know I really need to do something every single day. If I skip one day, it makes it somehow easier to skip 2 days, then 3, then 3 years. When I think that it has been 3years since I exercised regularly I am ashamed.

Things have been okay at work. The new manager and I are working well together, so maybe I overreacted to what happened last week. We'll see.

A quote for the day:
“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” -La Rochefoucauld


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you posting. Hoping Josh's toes get better soon.

If stepping on the scale makes you uncomfortable at this time, then don't do it..Measure your success by your clothes, measure success by how your meals are planned and carried out..

You are doing great!!

jo said...

Sorry about your dog. Those collars are so weird for the dogs to wear, but they do the trick. I hope he heals up quickly. I imagine Heidi does, too.

Scales. Make this your journey, customize it to you. If you don't want to get on the scale, don't. Focus on your healthy habits instead.