Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am now the proud owner of...

...a Laura Silverman piece!!! (Well, I will be as soon as it gets here.) It's so gorgeous in the pictures...I can't wait to see it on my neck. It's so funny that I have really just recently started wearing necklaces. (I thought my neck was too fat to wear them. Stupid, I know.) Woo-hoo I'm gonna have a piece of art on my neck!

My boss was so annoying yesterday. She comes into my office and says, "I have to send you to the hospital today. I don't have anyone else." Now, if she had asked me nicely I would have agreed to go and felt good about it, instead I resented it. Then, 15 minutes after I got there, I was in G's hospital room and she called me on my cell phone to tell me I had to go down to the ER right away to meet another consumer who was coming in by ambulance. From all the times I have spent in the ER with my mom, I should have known there was no rush. But I did go right down, only to sit in the waiting room for an hour waiting to see him. By the time I got in to see him, it was only 10 minutes until someone came in to relieve me. So I went back to G's room and stayed for some extra time. I hate that the consumers have to be in the hospital alone. On top of all that my boss tells me that we won't be providing the agreed upon amount of hospital coverage for G because we just don't have the staff. G is a Willowbrook Class individual. This coverage, as far as I know, is mandated by law. I told her when she came in today that she had to call the Director of QA, because I really don't think we can just blatantly disregard this.
All I know is that I couldn't just let it pass, it's my responsibility to see that regulations are followed. I guess I will find out what the Director of QA has to say tomorrow.

I've decided to try eating the lunches served at work every day instead of going out or ordering out; they are healthy for the most part. Today we had pot roast that was so tough I wasn't sure I could swallow it, but I guess that helped me eat less. :-)

I have finally ordered a new camera, so soon this blog will be filled with a ridiculous amount of pictures of my animals, that is if I can figure out how to get them on here!


Anonymous said...

With your new camera you need to take a picture of that new necklace you will have..Can't wait to see it on you!

Laura said...


I'm SOOOO honored that you wanted Fire Walker especially. You know, I really thought twice before listing that one. It is one of my favorites. But I thought about my dogs, and I thought about the piece. It has never adorned anyone's neck, and I remember what 'Diane' at Slimmons said when she saw it for the first time (it wasn't for sale then... I was just carrying it around and showing off - lol!). "It looks like something very ritualistic."

Well, that is her very highest compliment and I took it seriously. She and it inspired me to continue in my jewelry making, and eventually think about selling my work. Quite the legacy.

I am really happy you wanted it. It makes me feel good to know that it's going to a friend.


West Coast Laura

Jim Purdy said...

"Today we had pot roast that was so tough I wasn't sure I could swallow it, but I guess that helped me eat less."

That's one way, I guess.

Best wishes to you.