Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sad and Mad

My friend Marianne has liver cancer. They found out the other day that it is Stage 4. The doctors recommended that she "get her affairs in order." This is bad enough, right? Well, her asshat husband has decided that she is not to be told this. He also is not telling her children (they are her children, not his...they are all adults). I can't get this out of my brain. I am so sad for her...she may not see her next grandchild born. I am furious at Bob. How dare he? Is this the 1950's where we don't tell the little woman because she can't handle it?

I really can't wrap my brain around this.


Anonymous said...

what? how did hubby know and not her? and who died to make him all knowing to dictate who could know and who couldn't know? Somebody needs to sit down with her..She has a right to know. So do her kids..As somebody who just lost their grandfather..I was told he had a matter of hours to get the family in there. As much as my uncle has dis-associated himself with our family, I called him. He had the right to say goodbye..He came to me later and said it was the best 5 hours he spent with his father in years, because he got to hear his father say I love you to him. I'm so grateful..IF I had let my personal feelings get in the way my uncle would have never reconciled with my grandfather before his passing. Her kids need to know..She needs to know..

I'm so sorry for you and your friend. You are in my thoughts..

Laura said...

I'm not quite understanding this. How is it that the doctor shared this information with her husband and not with her? Isn't that against the law?